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UFO Mystery Objects and OWN captures welcomeSubmit your Captures, and any Genuine News Worthy Earth Space Nibiru Mystery Planet and similar stuff to us , via our email Contact Section, We will give our honest initial thoughts, and then use and Broadcast the findings on your behalf, ONLY assuming its newsworthy of course. with credits going to you, unless you opt for keeping anonimity ? YOUR Choice,† Contact us...

Had you snapped something weird ? and didnt know what to do with it ? Maybe your not sure what it is ? etc etc, Give us a shout and lets check it for you...

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About Us

NIBIRU ELENIN > Planet X Info EARTH CHANGES > NIBIRU COMETS ELENIN > Space UFO`s EARTH CHANGES > ELENIN NIBIRUCreated from both frustration and intrigue Nibiru Elenin was created to bring you under one roof , everything earth and space related .

For many years we have watched and known that things just somehow havent felt or seemed right ?

Sound familier to you ?† Weather changes mysterious UFO sightings , stories of underground alien bases with snipbits of information only surfacing in hidden corners .† NASA as we know has selective release of its info , Governments of the world operate the "Need to know" basis , often treating us like there property ? when indeed they was supposedly Paid by the people to work for the people ! Something that has got forgot over the years ?

From having first hand sights of UFO`s and researching it quickly became apparent that yes the information is out there , and if we connect the dots patterns that show all is not well emerge.

Problem is for the new breed of the what†we will call the none sheeple ie; People who are awake to how we are being enslaved without even knowing and clever enough to connect the dots , need to spend days weeks searching the internet going through lots of rubbish to grab snipbits of genuine good factual evidences and increase there awareness.

This is where Nibiru Elenin comes into the scene , we aim and hope to be your finger on the button of everything which isn`t covered by the main news feeds , which are controlled by the elite who prefer you to remain as sheeple and keep you dumbed in this semi tranced bubble.

With Videos , Documentaries, News reports,†space reports, severe earth occurences ,Nibiru ,†Elenin etc etc.† All in one central website..

We produce our own videos and reports and call upon a team of experts at hand to feed the latest news events , space events etc, soon as they happen†. ABOUT > NIBIRU ELENIN > Planet X Info EARTH CHANGES > NIBIRU COMETS ELENIN > Space UFO`s EARTH CHANGES > ELENIN NIBIRU

Nibiru Elenin is truly worldwide with contacts and contributers from Japan to USA and European top eyes on the ground so to speak .

Likewise if you have any news worthy "Factual Info " that you feel worthy of mention then we encourage you to submit it to us and we will include it . Simply tell us and let us have†what you have or know by email and we will ensure you get the aknowledgement for the work , or !! Should it be so delicate then anonimity can be assured .

New For 2013 we have brought in The "Alien TV" videos, bringing the best and latest information on Nibiru Planet X, comets like Comet ison approach, Meteor dangers and anything and everything which we feel is interesting and also informative, BUT !!† Brought to you in the new Alien TV Way, which is the real news and info with a hint of humour to keep us all sane in this Crazy world and crazy times . Some will appreciate the humour but some may not to those that do not and feel the dangers are too real for a laugh? We disagree and believe now more than ever retaining a sense of humour is vital.

We have Alien TV Videos on a seperate Page so you can with the minimum of effort scroll down and watch the "Older" Alien TV Videos, at your leisure. "Alien TV Broadcasts" Here.

For the most up to date Videos Alien TV and Pete WDHCo Channel stuff and other Great Researcher reporters etc,† CHECK THE LATEST FULL LIST TO ARTICLES & Videos† HERE..

Hope you enjoy the website and hope you will help support it, by liking on your facebook pages twitters etc,Subscribing to Our You Tube Channels and spreading the word.