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209P/LINEAR is a periodic comet discovered on February 3, 2004 by Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) using a 1.0-metre (39 in) reflector.[1] It was given the permanent number 209P on December 12,2008.

Preliminary results by Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens predict 209P/LINEAR may cause the next big meteor shower which would come from the constellation Camelopardalis during May 2014.[5] There may be 100 to 400 meteors per hour.[5] All the trails from the comet from 1803 through 1924 may intersect Earths orbit during May 2014

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Ison Update Latest Space News & the Brainy People say what they think on Ison Glowing

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Latest Comet Ison News she has sprouted a second jet? or so it appears a Alien Tv presentation and news report

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Comet Ison has a near MARS approach and gives it the hump !!

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