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EARTH Safe ZONES Burning Planet orbit POSITIONS Calculated

EARTH Safe ZONES Burning Planet orbit POSITIONS Calculated

EARTH Safe ZONES Mystery Planet orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Information

In this simple video we show the calculated estimated look at "Burning Planet" capture which could be part the Nibiru System, as it follows in on its previous calculated orbit.† Having had a further capture with times and positions it showed a slower circular inwards motion, it is using this information to give a simulation of what is what and also explains the previous shown "SAFE" Zone earth has been and is sitting in, while showing how things could and why they may change very soon.

Dim lights

VIDEO Removed upon request by BL appears she does no longer appreciate it.

NEW Inhouse video To cover the subject.

Dim lights

WHAT WORRIES THE MOST is why? Should she be so irrate?† GUILTY Conscience have we all been duped?? WHAT Is going on??

I mean what a change of Personality?† See Below from when the "Burning Planet" was first filmed and she was being branded a fake and she filmed a bonfire and such.† Who was her hero then?† have a look below..

SOMETHING IS SOUNDING STRANGE ..† WHY Should BL† suddenly attack he who helped her?† THIS Is one for investigation maybe ?

Has this thing got to big? HAS She duped us all??† Somethings giving warning bells here ....

EARTH Safe ZONES Beckys orbit POSITIONS Calculated

EARTH Safe ZONES Mystery Object orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Info