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NEWS on Lippincott Lippencott & Todd Finley

Pedo Chris Lippincott - Finley Alarm .Guilty Secrets

Interesting NEWS on Lippincott Lippencott & Todd Finley. Maybe why so deep in covering ups? From YoutubeRats .. Have a look.. A COPY FROM THE WEBSITE BELOW.

Pedo Chris Lippincott Alarm Guilty Secrets


YoutubeRats was contacted by a concerned citizen They found a news paper article and felt it needed to be put it out for everyone to see.

The article which was in a local Texas newspaper shows local business man Todd Finley ( Charles Todd Finley) and his partner Christopher Lippincott had been arrested for sex crimes against children

some as young as six years old.

Finley Boats TBR Todd Finley Lippincott Pedophile news

We will not be showing the full article as it would make any parent or normal person sick to the stomach what these pair of sick Pedophiles have done to many children. What we do know is these children and babies suffered

extreme injuries at the hands of these sick Pedophiles and have had to go through extensive treatment, both physical and mental. These children will now be scared for life.

These pair of sick pedophiles, Todd Finley and Christopher Lippincott committed a lot of these disgusting crimes at Todd Finley's Boat Repair business in Haltom City and Charles Todd Finley's home, in Fort Worth.

Pedo NEWS on Chris Lippincott Lippencott Todd Finley Boats TX Haltom City

Above The Lippincott and Todd Finleys Haltom City Business where some attacks of these children occured.

Currently Running under "TBR Certified Boat Sales" Todd Finley Boats, Cars, Finley Total Boat Restorations

5023 NE 28th st, 76117 Haltom City, Texas. Tel; + 1 817-726-9998



This is Todd Finleys house where more vicious attacks of these children was taking place.( 4509 Marguerite Lane, Fort Worth, Texas.)

This has to be shown as Haltom City and Forth Worth Texas has two prolific pedophiles residing and working there.

How Pedophile Todd Finley and Pedophile Christopher Lippincott keep gettin away with these crimes is beyond a joke, they always seem to get of scot free to be allowed to rape and harm peoples babies and children.

Lets make these sick Pedophiles known and keep our babies and children safe from harm.

Youtube Rats do not condone people taking the law into their own hands. But if someone went and burned down these properties i am sure there would not be a long queue to you the telephone to call the fire brigade.!

Everyone has a duty to keep our babies and children safe. Please keep sending anything else you find on these two sick Texas Pedophiles, people have a right to know!!

Finley Boats TBR Christopher N Lippincott Charles Todd Finley Fort Worth TX WARNING