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Had you snapped something weird ? and didnt know what to do with it ? Maybe your not sure what it is ? etc etc, Give us a shout and lets check it for you...

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Can you Help PETER KUSKE

peter kuske asks help

PeteKuske big trouble

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked

The Channels and websites and family are being targetted by the Rat Team Gang, Yes the seedy sick gang which has roamed stalking others on youtube for a long time, have taken
move to attack slander us, with stories made up which read like a plot from a horror movie, this was pre planned many months ago, is now in operation, sadly for them we know who is behind it all. This information
is available and will be updated as the Rat Round Up rolls onwards, so now this is where decent people are called to action. You can sit back and say "Oh its not my problem" you know the
usual way, of people. Or you can help and earn both respect and SAVE others from the grasp of this Evil Sick perverted Rat Gang.

Dim lights

Your Choice , doing nothing only makes the Rats breed more, and eventually Will destroy even more good people and channels, in their sick games. How many more times are you to sit back and do nothing?
REMEMBER It could be You Next. So time to unite and say NO MORE and get active.

STOP Them before its to late. If you have just a slight bit of Christian goodness, you know you need to act. If not, well your just feeding the devil evil Rat team.

See WHO and where they are and more on and†

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked cyberwarnings

HELP Needed Peter KUSKE Family is Being Attacked

HELP Needed peterkuske Attacked

HELP Needed Pete Kuske is Being Attacked

Starbucks Oregon Pete Kuske hacker Rat Team

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked by excons

HELP Needed We Are Being Attacked