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Had you snapped something weird ? and didnt know what to do with it ? Maybe your not sure what it is ? etc etc, Give us a shout and lets check it for you...

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TROLL Youtube Gangs EXPOSED, We uncover those sad Troll gang members who only live to harrass and destroy youtube and other online media, Hiding behind fake identities and controlling many youtube channels, they seek to blackmail, slander others and gather YOUR families kids pictures with the sole aim of destroying and getting profit or kicks, a very well hidden side of youtube which has been allowed to flourish untouched for years. NOW after following and getting behind the masks we expose the reality of how sick there lives are, and show the saddo reality of criminal records, witchcraft, satan worship, blackmails, gofundme scams, drug dealing convictions, and ongoing harrassment for the past years of the gangs.. YOU Need to act and warn the public of these ex cons and scum of youtube, OR It could well be YOU they target next? So wake up and act ..

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1 William A Price WAPTek Portland Oregon Starbucks Stalker BUSINESS REVIEW
2 William Price Starbucks Wapptek Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake
3 Tramp liar bullshitter WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon
4 SECRET Christopher Lippincott TX Story His Accomplices HIDE
5 Lippincott N Christopher Haltom City Finleys TBR Certified Boat sales
6 David Greig Greg-Gregg New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske
7 The Famous Diaries of a Madman Christopher Little Boys Lippincott
8 Mad Dangerous Druggy Liar Gang Strikes Youtube yet again
9 Victim of David Greig dazza NZ Speaks out
10 TRUTH Gets Confirmed David Greig Chris Lippincott