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Can you Help PETER KUSKE


peter kuske asks help


PeteKuske big trouble

David Greig Greg-Gregg New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske

David Greig Greg-Gregg New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again

David Greig (Greg Gregg) New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again

As The Title states yet again the sneaky weazel liar piece of Trash David Greig Greg Gregg New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again.  Attempting to Tarnish Good deeds in his usual sad pitiful way.  Under one of his many TROLL channels, the saddo spends hours on a worthless video which ONLY other saddo´s will ever see. In this work of "Desperation" He picks up on a news article, of a Good Generous deed Peter Kuske had done. In he steps in his usual way little spindly fingers typing away, with whatever he can muster to tarnish the Channel and the Outstanding Good Character of Pete Kuske.  In his article he tells of how he spent time on tracking down the history of the news report, on how Peter Kuske helped a good cause. The Problem is as David Greig and his close seedy mates ALL lie and make bullshit day and night, that it must be bullshit. The Reality is as normal he is wrong , but that would not work for his scheme of things, and so he goes ahead assuming ..  In the video he advises how he spent his time, ringing long distance to English people.  WHAT A Prize TWAT .  WHY on earth would a British EX PAT need help in Spain?  IF A Ex Pat has problems in Spain.

There is 2 simple options.  1. THEY Must be NOT self funded and as such should NEVER have left the UK.  2. If They Got in Problems a simple Return to the UK is easy and once back in UK , the land of free this and that would solve the problem.  See the points he made, which shows he has not a clue on much apart from boring Space knowledge, and little kids and a sick love of harrassing and bullying, normal people who have a life.


See and note . Start Paragraph "So off we went"  Who is the we?  as if anyone with sense does not know, the Gang of course the saddo TROLL Gang, you know the same old smal sick gang which, blackmailed Peter Kuske and still wank over his little blonde haired Grandson, Yea that gang !!  Spazzas army as its known on youtube..  The sick weird bunch who spend there days harrassing and looking for dirt and kids pictures and such.

CHECK YoutubeRats they have these sicko´s marked , warning you will need a sick bag if you see them and what they do..

David Greig (Greg Gregg) New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again

Then you will note he states "if there is a UK ex pat who is resident"  UK Expat ?  Where or when was a UK Expat mentioned?  IT WAS NOT . Why  help a UK Expat?  They made the choice to move to Spain if they get in trouble as stated, they fly home as many have and always will do !  Reason they are NEVER prepared they assume its like the UK with the Sun .  NO wrong it is like Uk in the Sun IF YOU Have Money, IF NOT then its a tough cruel harsh place ..

This FACT was as usual by the Spazza TROLL RAT Team Gang , hidden as it does NOT Work if TRUTH is used. ALL They Ever have is LIES Bullshits and slanders. Its the only way they can get excitement in there sad little world. little boys and harrassing is what makes the saddo´s Tick..  Remove them and they would just rest in a drugged up stooper .


Here is the article, WHERE Did it say UK Ex Pats?  It Does Not , does it. UK Expats need NO help from locals, they elect and choose to flee UK.  Why would anyone Rally round for a UK expat in Spain ?  Buy them the air fare maybe, but certainly NOT rebuild a home..  David Greig spazza the camera wanker, YET Again attempting to slander and tarnish..  Get a life YOU sad Twat, and BUY a new Top that Grey old scruffy ones getting worn out !!  8 years wearing that same old top. Spend less time slandering bullying harrassing and pop down the local second hand shop and get one you filthy saddo.

David Greig (Greg Gregg) New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again

David Greig (Greg Gregg) New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again

/David-Greig-Greg-dazzathecameraman-youtube-150-NgataiRd-Otumoetai-Tauranga-Bay of Plenty-NEW ZEALAND



EVEN the kids are noticing what a SCRUFF You are, wheres your decency, Going to the "Pillans Point School,  New Zealand "with stained old dirty clothes! You have a MENTAL Condition exactly as your friends advised, even they have more than 1 top choice, William A Scruffball Price has 2 . And ones black and ones Grey..  Take your friends advice get a black one maybe ! And set an example to the kids and Respect to the Tauranga Astronomy Club you look like some stray Scruff.

David Greig Greg Gregg New Zealands Spazzo Attacks Peter Kuske Again